You're joking me right?

The keys never turned up.  Several locks have been changed or are in the process.  The only ones we are contemplating are the cars and what to do about them.  We can either a) spend lots and lots of money and get the locks and ignition's changed.. b) just get the locks changed and have two separate keys for each car potentially lowering the resale value.. or c) just get spares made of the current keys so we have two keys for each car again... decisions decisions... if we would have went with the last option tonight would have totally been prevented...

Rob locked the only set of keys we have for the Honda in the Honda.  Problem?  A little bit.  But after about an hour of sitting in the parking lot next to his car laughing about our week and how it has been going (real bonding moment, although I don't suggest you lock keys in your car to have said moment.) a lock picker showed up and $80 later we were home free.  It's so ironic this happened because we were just talking earlier this week about how since we only have one set of keys for each car we needed to make sure we DIDN'T lock them in the vehicles.  Funny how that works sometimes isn't it?

So between our key dilemmas and Piston learning more and more about his voice, aka bark, we are keeping pretty busy.  And yes, Piston is learning that barking usually eventually gets us up off the couch to go take him out.  However, sometimes he barks and barks and barks and does not make it clear by like going to the door that that is what he needs.  We are still working on that step.  So it's rather frustrating for the humans and the animal too I'm sure.  Really people.. it's a lot harder to raise a puppy than it looks.  Especially a boxer that it is REALLY hard to stay mad at like in my case.  He's just so cute and cuddly that I can only stay mad at him for a short amount of time... kind of like Rob... can't stay mad at him either.

Alright well Piston is passed out.  As is Rob.  Better head to bed myself, or at least in that general direction.  I hope everyone back home is doing great! :]

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