This post should not even exist.

Because.. it's 2:35 in the morning and I should be fast asleep upstairs with my man.  But no I am awake.

Which I can completely blame on the 4 Pepsi's I have had today.  Damn you Pepsi.  Then I felt an allergy attack coming on a few minutes ago.  Popped a Benadryl (perfect sleep medicine, especially when the nose itches) and I am now waiting for it to take effect.

Which it needs to... soon.

Tomorrow I have a billion things to do before my family gets here (like clean, get Piston groomed, purchase a few things, grocery shop and clean some more.)  and then tomorrow night my family gets in LATEEEE... so it's probably going to be a pretty late night again tomorrow, unfortunately.

But I really can't wait until they get here.  I feel like a little kid.  I feel like I did on all those nights before a flight out to see Rob here in Maryland.  But this time it's my Mom, my Dad and my sister that are coming to visit.  People I haven't seen since the end of May, and boy am I pumped!  Some things were never all that perfect in Kansas but now that I live 1,105 miles away I miss them more than I ever thought possible.  So I'm ready for my rocks to visit and my little pieces of Kansas to come with them.  :)

The little things in life... right?

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