God works in mysterious ways.

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of an elementary school friends suicide.  We played softball together and it was pretty much the first time that I had to deal with the death of someone my age dying.  Most people deal with someone dying before they turn 16-but usually it's not someone their age.  And boy oh boy is it hard.

Yesterday a freak accident happened killing someone that went to my high school when I was a senior and she was a freshman.  She was close to my sisters age.  I wish so bad that I could be there for my sister right now.  It's the first time she has had to deal with a situation like this.  And it's never easy, for anyone.

I feel like Monica Groves came down from heaven and took Hannah Deaver home.  But none of it really hits home until you think about the people grieving their losses the most.  The family. Close friends. Significant others.  Hannah's fiances latest Facebook post was how he couldn't imagine his life without her.  And now he is having to deal with that situation.  Completely out of the blue, never expecting that just 4 days after he posted that he would be living it.  That hurts like hell to think about.  I may not have known her personally, but I sure know that I would be completely lost if I were in that situation.  I feel like people would be picking me up off the floor everyday trying to get me to do the simple things in life.

My heart aches for her family and everyone that knew her.  As it did four years ago when the same thing happened to someone I knew.

Just helps you remember that you have to express your love to everyone... so they know.  Because tomorrow may be your last...

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