Good news!!!

No, it is not good news about like say knowing when I will be home in December or anything.  BUT the points finally dropped and Rob is on his way to Sergeant.  October 6th is the current day that he will get pinned as a SGT.  This is good news for many reasons.  -All the hard work has FINALLY paid off. -Be a little higher up the totem pole in the military (just a wee little bit.) -Pay raise. And finally... Rob will be in charge of soldiers.  Something that he is definitely cut out to do.

Pretty eventful past week and weekend here in Maryland.  Rob started Color Guard practice.  Some special group that he was picked for.  I kind of gather it is his reward for doing so good on all his promotion boards and stuff.  Regardless, he is training to carry the flags and stuff I do believe.  I also went on my first girls night out.  On Wednesday I met some of the ladies I have met here out for dinner at Chili's.  It was a good time.  I'm glad to know there are people here that I can talk to and relate to.  (Still miss my Kansas girls lots and lots!!)  Let's see what else?  On Friday Rob and I went up to base for Oktoberfest.  You know the German drinking holiday?!  LOL.  There was a concert on Friday night.  Matt Kennon.  (If you don't know who he is or haven't heard his song... The Call... you should probably check it out.)  If the sound would have been a bit better we could have understood what he said.  But the price was free, and I'm all about that.  They don't seem to do free country concerts here unfortunately.  Then on Saturday I went out with some ladies again.  We did one of the most random things I think you can ever do.  We went and took a class.  It was originally supposed to be an exotic moves dance class, but ended up being a pole dancing class.  Dad don't freak out yet.  Let me tell you... I probably made a complete fool of myself, and today I woke up SORE AS HELL.  Good good workout.  I also had Cheesburger in Paradise last night.  Another Kansas relation. =)  I enjoy finding them here in Maryland.  (Did I report that we found a Sonic here finally? Still excited about that!)

This week Piston turns 6 months old.  My baby is getting so big.  October also begins this week.  Where has the time gone?  You know Lindsay asked me about Christmas presents today... that time of year is right around the corner.  Hope everyone is well.. I'm going to go eat me some mac and cheese and relax my sore non-existent arm muscles!

P.S. 3-0 baby!!! =) All the way this year.  I'm telling you.  Also I should let you all know for anyone that doesn't already know... the Cowboys also won today.

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