First Maryland interview.

Well all, as most of you know by now... I had my first interview here today.

Before the interview-I was extremely excited.  I thought this position at this business was going to be a perfect match for me (receptionist-animal hospital).  Work with animals, be a receptionist... life would be good.

Boy oh boy did I think WRONG.

The interview-This business has existed since like 1966.  Nothing against people born in the sixties, but dang this building smelled old.  It was dark and dingy.  Everyone was nice.  But the atmosphere was just so lame.  There are a TON of people on the staff at this place too.  I was surprised by all the people milling around around lunch time.  The interview itself went GREAT.  But several things came up that really made me realize... probably not the job for me.

After-my thoughts-The training process for this position is 6 to 9 months.  The first 3 months you are on a probation period.  You have manuals that you have to take home and study about your position and you get tested every month or so to see if you know your job essentially.  It is an afternoon and evening position.  Part-time.  But at night there is no guarantee of when you will get off since it is a pet hospital.  This place is located in Edgewater, South of Annapolis, which is about 30 minutes away from the house.  The next step in the process is that they call you in for a working interview.  One that you do not get paid for.  There were just several things that made me stop and say what?!

In conclusion, I think I am looking for something a bit more laid back.  This is obviously not the job for me.  So on to bigger and better things! =)

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