It's September.. really?

Rob and I got here the first week of June with all my stuff in tow... I just realized that was 3 and a HALF months ago.  I feel like it was just yesterday... but yet I have missed out on so much.  Birthdays, parties, lake, back to school.  All that.  Can I just say it's scary growing up?  All who agree... raise your hands.

Let's see since I last posted... the Cowboys lost, the Chiefs won (incase you didn't already know... part of the sentiment of missing my home town.  Hello, the Chiefs have the GREATEST fans in the world.)  Rob got second in poker on Monday night... the same day that his tire blew out on the Civic on the way home from PT.  It's never ending it would seem.  Two new tires, coming right up.  Luckily no accident or anything... I wasn't in the car, thank goodness, cause I would probably still be shaking now from having a tire blow out and being on the shoulder a second later.  Scary much?  We tried a new sandwich shop that I am pretty sure is East Coast, possibly Maryland specific.  Can I ask... why do sandwich shops insist on not serving french fries?  My favorite food in the world, and I'd love it with a nice sandwich (believe me best sandwich I've probably EVER had--better than subway, goodcents, etc.)  but no.. they insist on having just chips as their sides.  I find it rather lame.  If I ever open my own sandwich shops, look for the fries!  Speaking of food, since I'm watching Food Network, we discovered that there is actually a Sonic near us.  And by near us I mean 30 minutes away, but hey closer than Delaware or worse Kansas!  Which Delaware is where we originally thought the closest one was.  This is very exciting news for us here, believe me!

Well, it's halfway through the week... since we are down a car, I didn't get to go to the job fair in the area today.  Which is unfortunate, but yet I didn't waste a TON of time standing in line just to get in and just fill out some applications.  So still on the job hunt.  I'm bored out of my mind people!  Also as soon as I get a car back I am setting up appointments for some schools in the area, and getting my butt on top of that for Spring 2011.  Looks like we will be here till AT LEAST then... probably more like August.  Regardless, I will have at least another semester here.  So going to takes some classes towards my newly wanted business degree and then I will only have three semesters left!  Woohoo!!! So easy to say that, but three semesters could take a whole lot longer.  Ha ha.

I woke up not feeling too hot this morning, dang season change and allergies!  I better head to bed, or at least pretend like I'm heading to bed.  Hope everyone is A-OK.

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