A quick update this Sat.

Well this week has been fairly uneventful, minus Rob's flag football team getting their first win.  Pretty impressive, and it wasn't a close match either.  The other team was just plain nuts! Ha ha, so they walked away with the win, finally.

I woke up this AM to a clean downstairs.  My boys (aka Rob--Piston was a nuisance I hear.) cleaned it while I snoozed away.  I guess it was after Piston made a yucky mess on the carpet... silly dog.  And on that note I have exciting news.  Rob and I have started looking for another boxer.  Yes, we know it will be TWICE as much work.  But they can entertain each other, we hope.  We want to get him a play buddy while he is still young and non-territorial (minus the couch he is extremely territorial of, ha ha).  We went to a couple of shelters today, and while there were TONS of adorable dogs I would taken home in a heartbeat, we didn't find a winner.  So the hunt is still on.  For the record, these are our children.. and we do not plan on having any actual children till Rob is out of the Army AT LEAST, which is four years at the earliest.  Anyway, so it's been a fairly good day.  It was awfully nice of Rob to clean up the house for me. Not going to lie. (:  Even though I'm pretty sure I heard him grumbling the whole time he did it..

Tomorrow is Dallas' opening game.  It is against the Washington Redskins, so it's hard on Rob not being able to go.  But tickets were pretty costly.  Oh well, that's what the TV is for obviously!

I want to let my parents know I am thinking about them today as they deal with everything going on with their parents and stuff back home.  The revolving life circle has come back around.  Instead of children it is now parents they are taking care of.  I promise it will come back to you guys too... it's in Erin and I's future.

Derek wants everyone to know that KU won today... for anyone that cares.  If their even is anyone. :D

And the final note.  o9. [] []. 2oo1--- forever in our hearts right?  I still remember that day in sixth grade.  One of my friends left school early, as she had family that lived in Manhattan.  But at 11 years old, I didn't really understand what had just happened, and what it meant would happen to our country as we all knew it.  Countless people devoted their life to saving others, and countless people still fight today in response to what happened that day.  America changed, and regardless of what ACTUALLY happened, or did not happen, Americans died that day.  Innocent civilians, pilots, firefighters.. people in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And that is what we celebrate on this day in September.  The lives that were lost that day and the days that have followed with our military men and women.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a remembrance run at Ft. Meade with all the servicemen and women stationed there.  It was quite a sight watching the fire truck makes it way down the road with all these soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen behind it.  Struck home with me this year... we will see a deployment before Rob is out of the military.  I can only hope that Afghanistan is not the location of said deployment... regardless it's these people that keep me supporting this war.

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