Labor day weekend=success.

Minus the fact that football has been on my TV one way or another all weekend, it has been a good one.  If it's not MADDEN, it's preseason.  Not preseason, it's college football.  Not college football, fantasy football drafts. I guess that means Fall is around the corner?  And I officially live with a man more obsessed with football than I knew possible.

I had hoped we would get to take Piston to the dog park this weekend, but we never got around to it.  He did discover the back deck though.  I think he is in love with it.  Every time one of us would step out back he is right there with us.  He's going to love Fall.  It makes me wish more than anything that I could take him camping back home.  I mean that's what everyone else was doing this weekend... visiting the lake on a day trip, to camp or just to boat.

I also managed to deep clean the two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.  Spent a good like four hours doing that.  I love clean... but I rarely have energy/motivation to clean during the day.  Usually it happens at night right before I go to bed.  So this week my goal is to tackle the living room and kitchen downstairs.  Should be fairly easy. (:

The next phase in my "getting-back-to-the-Amanda-I-was-before-I-moved-from-Kansas-to-Maryland" has begun.  Sugar in the form of desserts are now off my snacking and or eating list.  Which I just realized that I messed that up yesterday.  Oh well, in our house there will not be any sweets anymore.  It'll suck cause I will not get chocolate... RAWR.  But I went to try on my formal dress the other day to wear to the holiday party in December and there were a couple inches that would not zip up... so I have several months to lose several pounds.  So we have x-ed out caffeinated beverages and now sugar.  What'll be next?

Also I'd like to thank Krista and Bob for hosting the draft party yesterday.  I had fun as always spending the day with a group of football obsessed boys and the girls of course.  Spent hours just chatting about life, past, present and future on a crisp Sunday afternoon outside.  Who could ask for anything more?  Especially that awesome dip Brittany brought! (:

I hope everyone had a nice safe weekend, and maybe you got to watch some football too?  I'm pretty sure KU got their butts beat... makes me laugh.  Don't know about the other Midwest teams I usually hear about... but it's all good in the end, right?

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