Personal maid... where are you?

It's smoking hot here in Maryland again.  I'm waiting for hurricane Earl to get his happy butt here so the cool temps can set in for awhile. (:  For anyone concerned... Rob and I live off of the Chesapeake Bay.  Pretty far towards the top as well.  Maryland is under a hurricane watch along the coasts and stuff.  To get to the coast we are at least 2 and a half hours away.  We are expecting cooler temps, possibly some wind and maybe some rain.  But last I looked we weren't even expected to get rain.  There will be some high tides along the bay... but that shouldn't affect us either.  And they expect all of the hurricane stuff to be over by tomorrow evening.  Short lived huh?  But for a Kansas girl, it's so so so so weird to hear about hurricane watches/warnings compared to tornado watches/warnings.  Very different and a tad bit exciting.

Well our busy night the other night with poker ended up being pretty dang exciting for me!  Out of 18 people I got fifth.  Unfortunately for me the top 4 people placed and got a prize.  So it was a hard out to get fifth, but someone had to.  And for my first tournament of the best of the best of the regulars, I'll take 5th. (:  Maybe when I come home and visit we can have a poker night... better start prepping.  Cause I'm a beast!

Today marked the day Rob has been anxiously waiting for.  Promotion board.  For anyone not aware of how the Army works, he has to go before a board of soldiers who essentially decide whether or not he should get promoted with the next wave of promotions.  The highest you can get on points from that is 150.  Guess what he got... 150!!! I am beyond proud for him.  So right now he is currently a Specialist Promotable (SPC(P)).  Come October he should be getting promoted to SGT.  Lemme tell you all, this has been a LONG time coming.  So I am extra glad that he got it and that it is almost over.  Lots of pressure on him to always be on his toes and that turns into stress a lot of time that comes home with him.  More money and a happy man... that's in my future!

Other than that... still looking for a job (I do have a friend that is helping me right now, maybe it will result with something promising but who knows?)... still got to update yall on school...

So much to do. So little time.

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