My outlet.

And by that I mean... my outlet for a short rant.

I graduated high school in 2008.  I was a "drama queen".  I enjoyed it.  When I graduated, all I wanted to do was move on with my life.  Make new friends and keep the old true ones.  For the most part that is what I did.  I left the drama behind and worked and focused on school.  When I moved out here... I had NO idea what was coming my way in terms of friendships and drama.  I looooooooooooove all the girls I have met out here.  They are all special and unique in their own individual way.  With all of us coming from different parts of the nation, we all bring different qualities to the table.  It's nice... BUT it's also a recipe for drama.  So many girls, often bored with their lives, have nothing better to do than create drama.  Even as adults.  Now after a couple of months I have reached the point where I am ready to take a GIANT step back and re-evaluate the drama in my life.  It is really not necessary, at all.  All it does is cause stress... when something goes down, I want to talk and blab about it.  When no one else is around... Rob gets to hear it.  Let me tell you, he is beyond sick of it.  For me it's just not worth it.  I want to be happy and have fun regardless of who or what is going on with other people.  It's really none of my concern unless they personally share it with me.  From here on out I am going to try my VERY hardest, to not let other people's business become a concern of mine.  Going to start going with the flow and not caring about what should be or could be.  And absolutely NOT passing judgment on people I have not personally had an encounter with.  I am who I am, and dammit, if you don't like it.... KISS MY ASS. :)

On another note, Happy Halloween all!! I purchased candy this afternoon from Target... then 6 o'clock hit and we didn't have our first trick-or-treater until like 6:30 and it was Rob's cousins!  Luckily it did pick up cause some of our neighbors turned on their lights as well.  Our first Halloween is over.  Piston survived, although he was rather worked up there for a bit.  Rob watched his candy leave the house, and kind of had a melt down.  But it was a success!  My first Halloween in my very own house... sighh.

Well, Jess is here in town!  Already we went to a Halloween party, shopped, ate pizza (not once but twice) and hung out in the first two days of her month long stay here.  It's nice to have a family member here from my side.  Hopefully I will get to see the rest of her family or at least some of them while she is here too.  Other than that, this was a big weekend for us.  Now I am just counting down the days till my lovely best fran Lindsay is here!  I am so very excited.  I know it will be a blast to have some more pieces of Kansas here.  And before you know it yall, I will be in Kansas visiting myself!!!

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