If you didn't already know [from FB] I made a decision on what my future career is going to be.  =)  After having a heart to heart with my Dad.  He pointed out the final deciding point.  "You work the rest of your life, so you need to do something you enjoy."  And with that I decided I am going to school for interior design.  It is kind of funny to me because before wanting to be a teacher I flirted with the idea of being a designer.  Then decided that there is no way I could ever make a career out of it.  You know what.. I'm done thinking about what could or may happen with the degree.  I want to have fun going to school, and "hopefully" have fun in my future career.    So tomorrow I am going to look into if the local community college has classes for that.  [Yes, it's unfortunate because if I would have already had this decision made, I would already have this degree... I know.]  So a new journey to travel down.  I'm excited, and EXTREMELY relieved that this decision has finally been made.  No looking back now.

Have I mentioned lately it's cold?  It is.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss Kansas?  I do.
Have I mentioned lately how crazy life can be?  It is.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my family?  I do, so much.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my friends?  I do, just as much.

**SIGH** better get off and head to bed.  Tons I want to get done tomorrow!

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