"Waiting all day for Sunday night"

Well this past week/weekend has been pretty good.  Nice and relaxing.  Among other things that went on this week.  The most notable was a gathering with some of the girls from here again.  We had a "pj-party".  It was pretty fun... games and all.  On Friday we tried to go fishing.  But let me tell you all something, this place ain't NOTHING like Kansas. (incase you haven't already noticed.)  There aren't just little fishing holes all over town within driving distance.  But we tried and didn't come up with much unfortunately.  We tried though.  Piston discovered that he likes hiking though.  So that may be something we try to do more often.  (after I get in better shape of course!)  This weekend has been alright.  Probably not as memorable as last weekend, but still good.  I'll take it.  Left to do this month is GET PUMPKINS.  I'm so freaking excited.  I don't know why!  Ha ha, maybe next weekend for us?  We would have went this weekend but both days we wanted to go the weather felt too summer like and I was like we can't go unless it's cool out of course!

Still on the job hunt.  I'm really not trying as hard as I could.  Go figure.  Recently I've been considering going to school to become a social worker.  My biggest fear is getting TOO attached to cases.  Bringing their issues home with me and the likes.  So I'm going to have to think on that some more.  Next semester I am just going to take classes online though I think I've decided.  **Sigh**... not ideal.  I miss being in the classroom with tons of people to watch and get to know.  So I am jealous of everyone that is getting to do that right now.  No matter how stressful it is... I'm still jealous.

Other good news... Piston slept until like 10 AM both yesterday and today!  I was so so so excited cause weekends are usually my morning shifts.  So any longer that he sleeps in the better.

So really I had not much to update on.  I miss you all... it doesn't get any easier.  Somedays are especially bad.  But you make the best of your situations, and I am so thankful to be here with Rob and of course little (not so little) Piston Lou!  Just wish I could have brought everyone with me or had Rob move back to the good ole Midwest.  But when it comes to the military, you don't usually get a choice.

Anyway hope everyone is having a good fall and such!

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