Complain complain.

Since my lovely friend Derek Meier brought to my attention that I have not blogged much lately I thought I would throw a quick update out there to all who read this.

Minus Rob "not" being able to smell poop obviously sitting upstairs (long story, no need to ask.) not much has been going on.  We just came off of an incredibly good weekend.  Rob had a four day like I posted and we spent the whole weekend relaxing together for the most part.  Saturday I went to Ikea with Rachel.  (My new friend from Georgia.)  For those of you from the Midwest that don't know what that is... it's an AMAZING store that sells particle-board furniture affordably and organizing/decorating accessories.  It's a wonderful store that fits me perfectly.  Sadly every time I go I wish I had more money.  If you'd like to check Ikea out... there's their website... I'd suggest checking out the Swedish store. :D  Also on Saturday Rob and I went with the Moore's to Six Flags.  First time I have ever been to a Six Flags.  Not much different than Worlds of Fun honestly.  Same sort of roller coasters just named different.  It was Fright Fest so we all had fun.  It was a good time doing something we don't normally get to do.

Football was on Sunday as usual.  How about them Chiefs?!  Only undefeated team left!  Wahoo!!! Okay, so maybe they had a bye week, but who's counting?  Ha ha.  So it was naptime/football/relaxing Sunday and the rest of the time Rob had off we ran errands.  Typical, but always needed it seems.

Today I spent a whopping $10 at Dollar Tree getting some Halloween decorations.  Unfortunately some of them will not be able to put up where I want because of the dog.  I decorated. He investigated.  Rob discovered a piece of the Halloween garland in his mouth. Rob took down the decorations.  ***Sigh*** such is my life apparently.  Piston also destroyed a tennis ball tonight.  First time he has done that.  So that was promptly taken away from his as well.  Silly dog...

Oh and APPARENTLY Fall is officially here.  Like no joke here.  We've been having 60/70 degree days and 40/50 degree nights.  Needless to say it SUCKS when the dog needs to go out and pee early in the morning or late at night.  He's not so sure about this cold weather so him going out and peeing right away when he needs to no longer exists.  He has to sit out there and sniff the cool weather and ground before doing his business.  Truly was fun with the rain we had yesterday.  I love him though... this cool weather and the Winter that will be coming is all going to be new to his little puppy body.  Should be an adventure.

So Derek, I managed to pump out a full post.  You're right.  I was slacking. :D

That is all my dears.

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