It's official.

Today EVERYTHING is annoying me.

What exactly?
Don't worry... I will tell you.

-The neighbor playing his music stupidly loud.  He lives beneath our townhouse in an apartment.  I can hear his music on the SECOND floor of my house.  It's annoying.  I hate loud bases.

-Piston keeps finding random ass things to play with.  I took him outside to go potty and he came back in and randomly grabbed one of my warm fuzzy socks and started playing keep away with me.  He has also attempted to chew up my rain boots, again.  He managed to sneak one upstairs away from me without me noticing right away.  And he pulled Rob's tennis shoes out of the laundry hamper and proceeded to chew on them too. Brat.

-It's cloudy outside.  Not raining.  Just cloudy.  It's annoying because the temperature outside is actually rather nice.  But who wants to play in gloom?

-It's 4:18 and in like 30 minutes it will be pitch black.  I may have more of a love relationship with winter if it weren't for the fact that it gets dark so damn early!  Hate it so much.

-Rob took my car to work today cause he didn't have time to get gas.  So he left me his car.  No big deal.  Minus the fact that he took HIS keys.  The key set that happens to have the only key for the civic.  Thus, he left me a car I don't have a key too.  I may not have been going anywhere today, but knowing that I can't even if I wanted to.. annoying.

-For lunch today I cooked my favorite mac and cheese that Rob's stepmom Amy gave me the recipe too.  Well I usually don't measure things I just eyeball and today my "eyeball" was off.  Big time.  I put too much milk, butter or cheese in.  I'm not sure which.  So now I am starving but my options are limited to meat, breakfast items and the same lunches I have had recently.

-I watched my dvr'd shows from the weekend today.  I mean come on it's gloomy out, what else do you want me to do?  Well one of them I dvr, I will admit is Skating with the Stars.  It's on its second episode and I'm annoyed with how the judges judge.  Their scores almost never match and I just seem like it's crap.  Not only that but they keep giving my favorite skater crap scores and I think she is doing much better compared to the ones they are scoring her next to.  I think I should become un-addicted to reality tv shows.  [[good luck with that one Amanda.]]

Just to name a few.
I guess today is just one of those days.

My neighbors music is STILL playing.  Rob should be home soon though and maybe just maybe that will help a little bit?  At least I will not feel trapped at home anymore.

Hope you guys are having a much better day.

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