Well shucks.

There was something I was going to blog about and now I can't for the life of me remember what.  Love it. Or hate it.

Things going on---I started a new book last night and read for about two straight hours.  I think this book will be done by the end of the week.  Piston is still managing to find anything and everything to chew up.  Balls removal is looking greater and greater.  I really can't stand whining.  Just so you know.  If in the past I have ever whined to you, I am sorry.  Please slap me next time. Ugh.  Rob and I signed up to get a free Christmas tree from the USO.  So we will have a beauty in our house as of Sunday.  Have I mentioned I have not even started Christmas shopping?  Ha ha.  I haven't.  Oh, another thing I can't stand.  Catty bitchy ladies.  RAWR back to you!  Apparently this morning we had some "monster" storm come through.  I was sleeping.  Heard nothing but wind.  Must not have been too "monster".  But it did blow a bunch of tree branches down.

Really whatever I had thought about blogging about was much much better and more entertaining than this.  Sorry all!

Hope your hump day was maybe a bit more eventful?
Off to read my book.
Just took a nice long shower.
Now I'm done blogging.
Relaxation time here I come.

As always, love and hugs from the big MD.

Two seconds later, I of course remembered...

Today I did something GREAT.  I cleaned out my FB friends.  Got rid of some drama, people I'm friends with but rarely talk/ed to and people whose posts annoyed the beejesus out of me.  It made me feel marvelous!  Sometimes cleaning out people that are probably only friends with you to creep on you is a great idea.  I may have only deleted like 20 contacts, but I feel better.  Now only the important people, family friends and family are on there.  Kind of a relief to know that.

If you haven't done it lately, I'd highly suggest it!

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