Just our luck.

Well while I sit here at the kitchen table and listen to my neighbors assortment of music (everything from country to rock blaring right about now.)... I decided I would update my blog (again, I know.) about this morning versus cleaning the house.  Which is probably what I should be doing.

First I have to share a background story.  So last New Year's Eve Rob and I stayed in a hotel out at Ocean City.  We didn't do much ourselves, but I am sure some of the over 21 crowd definitely did.  Well let me tell you that bright and early New Year's Day those fools looked like hell.  How do I know?  The diner in the basement of the hotel was smoking... I'm not sure if it was actually on fire, but it set off all the smoke alarms and we were rudely waken up and evacuated way tooo early New Year's Day.  It was a story to go down in the record books for us.

This holiday.. the morning after we were awaken to the maintenance men knocking on the door at about 8:30 in the morning.  Apparently some of our neighbors smelled gas.  They asked me if I did, and of course my answer was I just woke up I have no idea.  So he came in and walked around, smelled nothing and left.  Right after that all of Anne Arundel County's fire department was on our street.. I'm talking like 9 fire trucks and an ambulance.  So we sat on our bed looking out the upstairs window watching all the action.  I think what actually happened was the guy that lives beneath my neighbors had a gas leak of some kind and they were the only ones that could smell it above him.  Regardless, the gas'o'meter was going haywire when they walked around our neighbor's houses.  Luckily I was able to get back to sleep with my cuddle bug Piston.  Rob however, not so lucky.  He doesn't do well with going back to sleep after being awaken.

My question is... how many more holidays will have a surprise ending the next day?  Are we on to something here?

Okay. I've procrastinated cleaning long enough.  If you are shopping, I hope you aren't trampled.  If you are doing nothing, you're my kind of person!  Ha ha.

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