Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my friends both new and old, near and far, young and old experience the best Thanksgiving ever!  I hope that they truly give thanks for all things important to them and spend a large amount of time satisfying that need for food that never seems enough, until it's TOO much.  I hope you spend it with people that mean a lot to you, whether it be family, friends or even co-workers.  Give thanks on this day.

In Maryland we have done the stuff your face thing, and we are back at the house winding down for the night.  For me. It's blogging and Facebook.  For Rob.  It's x-box and other nerd things. :)  We spent the day surrounded by Rob's family (his Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins that are stationed here as well.) and then his boss and a few other co-workers for the Cowboys game at least.  (Disappointing, isn't it?)  All in all a success, but definitely will not be complete until I spend the evening cuddling with my boys and treasuring the small things...


Piston... and his ways that make me smile, even through his troublesome puppy moments.  Food... the abundance and greatness that surrounded us all day.  Family... while miles and miles apart, never far at heart.  Friends... a simple text message may be all we exchange today but by no means are those simple words not sent without love from wherever we may be.  The Army... however annoying it may truly be to have the military run your life, I am forever thankful for the steady income and the opportunity Rob has been given.  For all those unaware he is headed to Airborne School next month.  This an exciting time for us, and the news I had to wait to share!  It means bigger and better things for him!  Airplanes... that will eventually take me home to see "Where I come from".  (even if the TSA is taking over a bit too aggressively.)  My freedom... especially on days like today.  My education... and what is left to get of my education.  That will make me a smarter and better person.  The opportunity I have to live in another state and experience things unknown to me.  And finally, for Rob.  Someone I am forever grateful for.  Someone I can honestly say I would not be who I am today without.  He is a truly special person to me and the love we share is unbreakable.  For that, I am thankful.

I hope yours was safe and filled with fond memories.
I'm headed back to KS in 24 days. :)

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