"Baby it's cold outside."

No joke. Windchill here of like 23 degrees.  That's crazy stupid.

Just thought I'd let anyone concerned know that I had no problems getting my rental yesterday.  I am the proud temporary driver of a Chevy HHR.  Ha ha.  It's a PT Cruiser essentially.  Actually fairly nice on the inside and really makes me wish that I had an automatic.  Not that I don't like my stick and stuff.  Should be getting my car back tomorrow but haven't heard from the auto body shop yet, so I have no idea what time.

So funny story... we are attempting a different way of potty training Piston while we live in this house.  Potty pads.  We bought them.  Waited till we were home to lay one down.  Used the spray to attract him... but unfortunately he did exactly as I thought he would.  Chewed it up.  No, not just chewed it up, SHREDDED it.  Crazy dang dog!!!  So I am going to have to try it again and see if I can keep a better eye on him and maybe we can get this process started and make it successful.  Especially since he has decided he doesn't mind going outside in the cold but he doesn't want to pee when it's cold outside.  I swear this boy is like having a child.

Other than that... 11 days since it is after midnight here in Maryland.
Hope everyone is finding themselves at a good point in the week since it is now hump day!

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