It's been a few days.

We had a fairly eventful weekend.  And by that I of course mean busy.

It was spent volunteering at the post thrift store followed by volunteering for a children's holiday party.  Spending quality time with some good new friends chitchatting and playing card games into the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Driving to the Christmas tree farm.  Finding the perfect tree!  Decorating it and watching football.  So much accomplished it seems.  Especially after I just finished cleaning!  Our house had also managed to become pretty cluttered after a non-stop weekend... so it took me about an hour and a half just to pick everything up!  Glad the picking up is done.

Now I'm about to hop in the shower and then take my car to the auto body shop.  It's going to be there for three days.  It's getting it's booboo fixed from that lady rear ending us when Lindsay and Brian were here.  If all goes as planned I should have a rental by the end of it all as well.  I hope at least.  Being 20 it makes it hard to get cars but the lady said I will just need to fill out extra paperwork.

Oh and Rob had a good weekend... he played in a couple of poker tournaments.  The ones were you pay 20 (for Fridays case.) or 40 (for Saturdays case.) to get in and then you play against 6 or 30 some players for cash.  First night he had like $45 at the end of the night so he made a little and Saturday he came home with $200 plus!  So he was extremely excited about that.

Of course the Chiefs won AND the Cowboys.  :D  Good good weekend.

13 days till I am in KC again.  SO much to do still, but some things are getting marked off so it is making it a little bit less intimidating.

Alright, better run.  Happy Monday all!

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