December already?


I leave for Kansas in 17 days.  I have no gifts for anyone back home.  I have a Christmas dinner for Rob's company that is formal attire between now and then.  I'm praying it doesn't snow.  I feel like there are a MILLION things to get done before I can head home.  Then when I am home there will be approximately NO relaxation.  Looks like trips will be made to see both grandparents I believe, and I am also planning on driving down to see Rob's dad and step-mom and all the kiddos there.  So it will probably be a busy week and fly by in no time.  Only to come home and have 3 days with Rob where he turns right around and leaves for another 3 weeks.  Joyous.  Let me tell you.

Anyway enough of that woe-is-me tale.  Today has actually been fairly successful.  Got up early.. ran my errands.  Then took a mini road trip about 40 minutes away (I'm calling it a road trip only because I had to go in the Baltimore tunnel... which to me, a Kansas girl, that doesn't happen very often.)  to try and sell some purses to Platos.  (They tried to rip me off... rude dudes.  Does this make any sense... they look over my bags, pull out all but two and then tell me they can give me $25.  I was like really?  INCLUDING that Coach and Vera Bradley purse with matching wallet.  I was like I will keep those.  Somehow someway I will get decent money for those... I ended up walking out with $16.  How does that happen?  The two designer purses were worth $9?  I'm not buying it.)  After that I decided, hey what a GREAT day to re-organize my closet.  That task is still not complete because I took a catnap in bed with the boys and then watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I'm awesome, right?  Rob is still passed out... probably for the rest of the night so the house is awfully quiet.  Minus Piston who just snuck off with a sneaker sitting in a to-get-rid-of pile.  Buttface.  Hold on one moment while I go wrestle it from him, because I am sure he is going to want to play keep away.---Back, but now I have a new issue.. the hall light is out!  Crap, now I can't see anything when I try and go down to the dark downstairs to get that shoe away from Piston.  Lovely.  He just took off with something else.  Dogs I'm telling you...

So. When I went through my closet I discovered all my graduation cards people sent me in May.  I re-read each and every one of them.  I'm nervous that this holiday season I will still be included in all of my parents Christmas cards versus our own.  Hopefully that is not the case but only time will tell.  Most of you know how much I love mail that is personal and heartfelt.  Well, tomorrow starts my Christmas card process!  I've already got my list made and tomorrow I start addressing.  I was hoping to get personalized ones but Rob is not much of one for pictures.  Maybe after we put our tree up this weekend he will let me get one picture of me, him and Piston and then I can just include a 4x6 in everyone's card.  The cheap way!  I'm excited though... love cards, love mail, love making other people smile.

Okay.. time to chase P boy down again and then finish cleaning up this room so his attempts at stealing stuff end nowhere.  Happy Friday, well almost.

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