It's Sunday.

One week from today I SHOULD be in Kansas.  Weather here is looking like snow being predicted right now for that day.  Keep in mind though this is a week out still.  So I'm praying the weather straightens it's buttocks out. :D

Rob and I put an application in.  For what you ask?  A boxer at the SPCA.  For whatever reason Rob found himself looking yesterday at boxer's in the area.  Surprisingly there were 3.  So the first two we rushed home to see only to find out they had been sent to a boxer rescue in Massachusetts.  The third, Max, was awesome.  He is a white boxer with a black spot over his face.  He is from a breeder and only about 1 and a half years old.  He is a bit underweight and has some skin issues.  But those come from him being a white dog, let alone a boxer dog.  So we put in an application.  Will know more in 2 to 7 days.

I also got my first Christmas cards in the mail!  One from Lindsay and one from Rachel!  Boy am I excited.  Hopefully going to get ours mailed out of here before I leave.  After I beg Rob for a picture with me and him in front of the Christmas tree with Piston!  We will see how that plays out. :D

Well ladies and gents (whoever reads this.) I hope you have a marvelous Sunday!  And that the Chiefs win.  Also the Cowboys too, so that we can keep this whole house happy.  I also hope that I have a decent day getting things accomplished! And that a Christmas picture can be squeezed out of Rob!  Ha ha.  Will let everyone know more developments as they come.

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