Okay so.

It's official. We are crazy.  We got approved!!! Next step is seeing if the dog and Piston get a long.  If so, we might possibly have a dog by Thursday.  I can't believe this.  Ha ha, the best and worst time EVER to get a dog. But you know it's never a bad time to rescue a shelter dog. Now is it?

Oh and.

Christmas pictures taken. Check.
Christmas picture printed. Check. (plus another 45.. for a grand total of 90.  45 of which I did not pay for but got free because the walmart computer messed up... what in the world am I going to do with an extra 45 pictures?)
Cards stuffed. Check.
Cards mailed. Check.
Present shopping started. Check.

Getting things done... 5 days left.  Going to be a busy one between this new dog potentially and what is left to do before I leave town.

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