My home is in Maryland.

10 days of joy and excitement in Kansas, and I am back to MY home with my boys.  Funny how I can't even recall what I was doing 10 days ago here in Maryland, it seems like SO much time has passed.  I walked through the door and barely recognized Piston.  He is HUGE.  I feel like he grew immensely while I was gone, when in reality I was just gone for 10 days surrounded by dogs a whole lot smaller than he is.  I came home to a picked up house, but still in need of some deep cleaning.  That I've decided can wait... can wait until Rob leaves for the dreaded airborne school here very very soon.  Laundry will of course have to be done, or I will have nothing to wear.  It seems like I took EVERYTHING with me to Kansas, and of course the flight home definitely felt that way with 2 checked suitcases (mine and one borrowed from Mom and Dad) and a pretty good sized duffel bag for my carry on.  It all made it safely from what I can tell.

I have big plans for what I am going to do while Rob is learning.  Including tackling the closet beneath the stairs (I'm going to make it usable once and for all.), rearranging the spare bedroom since Rob moved the desk downstairs it is kind of funkily organized right now, setting up the desk downstairs more, scrubbing every inch of the bathroom (ceiling, floor, wall, etc.), hopefully helping the carpet out maybe just a little bit with a good scrub on spots much needing it, buying curtains (FINALLY.) and of course hanging out with my nearest and dearest here in Maryland.

It's also about time for those New Year's resolutions to REALLY kick into play.  I've also decided I'm going to do 365 days worth of pictures.. one a day for the next year starting January 1st.  Be looking for that on Facebook, I may link up to here every once in awhile.

That's about it... my DVR'd TV shows are calling.  Rob is at work for hopefully only another 30 minutes, but who really knows with the Army, right?  Anyway hope everyone had a safe holiday and if you still have traveling in your plans, travel safe.

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