Don't mean a thing when you have the type of love we do.. (and technology.) :D

It's just Piston and I for awhile.  Which is unfortunate.. cause it means I have to kennel train him by myself.  A 9 month old puppy does not enjoy being trained all that much.  Especially to have his own home within his house.  He isn't enjoying the not having his freedom stuff.  After bribing him with a million treats, I finally wrestled him in there for his first training period of 30 minutes.  He cried.  Then panted.  But sat down and checked things out.  I'm not sure how he will handle it when he can't see me.  He could see me today since I was on the computer in the living room... within his sight.  But he can't be without it anymore... after chewing up EVERY pillow in the house we locked him out of the bedroom.  Which resulted in destroyed window shades cause he couldn't see out the window downstairs.  In fact he also managed to get in through the closed door one day by apparently messing up the door handle.  We found the shade in the bedroom destroyed cause he couldn't see out.  So 3 window shades later, and a brand new kennel... we start our next adventure.

So anyone that reads this... please keep my Grandpa Johnson in your prayers.  Both my Grandpas have been on a downhill slide for the better part of the year now.  Last night Gpa J broke his hip... my family is currently with him.  Gpa R broke his hip earlier this year.  It seems to be a trend or something.  Unfortunately.  Anyway, keep them in their prayers that God is not too tough on them and makes it easy for everyone.  As bad as that sounds.

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