We are still just one dog owners.

This afternoon was our meet and greet with Max (the other boxer we got approved for) and Piston.  Piston of course bounded up to him and just wanted to play.  But Max made it clear he was not okay with that.  The first dog ever to get mean with Piston.  Broke my heart because all P wanted to do was play.  I've never seen a dog mope like Piston did all the way home.  Usually he gets lots of dog interaction but lately everyone takes their dogs out and lets them go potty then immediately takes them back inside since it is so cold.  So he hasn't gotten to play with any lately.  Poor boy.  I think Rob and I are leaning more towards a puppy now.  But not until February when we are both home.

On the bright side, all my Christmas shopping is done.  Left to do before I leave... wrap presents, do a load of darks and a load of whites (laundry), probably going to have to pick the house up again, I have to also buy a Secret Santa present for my friend that I got this year (our group of friends out here decided to do a Secret Santa with all the ladies.. unfortunately I'm not going to the big event, but my person will still have their present!) and of course pack.  Which I will probably put off until Saturday knowing me.

Well it's freezing here, but both my boys are home (Rob got off early to go to the appointment and didn't have to go back after.).  I didn't put any meat down for dinner, so I have to scramble and figure out what the heck we are going to do!  Oh well... such is life.

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