I'm down.

As in my mood.  Maybe because it's late at night (12:10) and I should be sleeping... I'm just ready for tomorrow.  Rob will be coming home... a little bit earlier than originally planned.  But some things don't happen how you wish/want.  What this means is... we will be in Maryland until 2012.  At the earliest.  Hopefully when our lease is up later this year we can move to a different location.  But after that we will not know much of anything until halfway through 2012 as far as his next duty station.  And you know what, I'm okay with that.  After my trip home this place feels more comfortable to me.  Maybe it's just because this is where Rob and Piston are.  I don't really know...

Speaking of Piston.  Kennel training is going better than expected!  He spent his first round home alone today in it.  2 hours while I escaped off to give a friend some flowers after her surgery.  I heard him bark as I slipped out the front door, but when I cam home he was laying down against the edge of the kennel and didn't even get up to greet me when I came in!  Lazy.  So this will all work out, I'm sure.

Next on the agenda of 2011 accomplishments... go down to the community college.  Rob and I are determined to take AT LEAST 1 course this semester each.  I would shoot for a higher amount... but if I don't get financial aide approved, I can't guarantee that there will be enough money for both of us to go to school, let alone one of us go to school part/full time.  Summer/Fall semesters should be no problem cause I can submit my most recent tax paperwork that should be done by April and it will prove easily that I am an independent.  Ya know?  It's a lot harder to switch schools then I really thought it would be.

After I know when my class is and what not I can look for that part time job to pull in some extra money to pay my parents back the couple hundred I owe them and then save for us to be able to move somewhere else here in Maryland.  I'm eager to get back in to the whole school/work business.  I've missed it.  So many people have told me that if I didn't go to school continuously that I would never finish... I'm going to prove each and every one of them wrong.  But I will admit it makes it a little bit more difficult when you are switching schools and continuing on.  Not going to lie.

Well I guess I got that all off my chest.  The house is cleaned.  I'm currently waiting on the comforter to finish drying but I think I will go make the rest of the bed so that Piston and I can head that way really soon.  He is getting restless... spoiled boy.

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