Less than a month.

And I am the big 2.1.
Whose excited?
I am!

This weekend was exhausting, busy and fun all at once.

Friday was spent with friends.
Saturday was spent cleaning the house with my man. (That closet under the stairs.. TACKLED.)
Today was church and then football... (Steelers/Packers Superbowl, interesting.)

It didn't exactly end on a high note, but that is what the hot shower and relaxing 30 minutes of interior design textbook reading is for... My boys love me, and let me tell you this.  I am SO thankful for that.  Because, I have been a bit of a grouch lately.  I don't know if it is because it is freezing ass, face numbing cold outside, and since Piston is mostly potty trained he refuses to go in the house now, and thus I always have to go out with him while he walks around sniffing the ground chasing a leaf or too for far to long.  Or maybe it's because I'm starting to get back into a sleep schedule that does not include afternoon naps but does include getting up early.  Or maybe it's because I can't open my windows (too cold), park my car in a driveway or have a relaxing Sunday morning without my neighbors music drifting in from next door.  It adds up.  I think I may be ready for a change in scenery...

This week I am going to focus on getting a job... so I can be out of the house more often.  Although I do feel it will be extra hard on Mr. Piston (my pride and joy incase you didn't already know.)... I need it.  It's been far too long and I'd like to have some spending money of my own while I'm at it.  So my goal is to put in several apps... and by several I mean enough to make my hand fall off from writing too much. ;)

Rob starts class on Tuesday night so my other goal is to get myself off of the couch and out of the warmth of my house and into the free zumba class on base.  Need to get my blood pumping.  Plus it happens to fall on the same day that he is gone from way early in the morning to way late at night.

Okay, now that I have sat in front of the window (where the computer is now located) for far too long.. the drafty cold crap coming in has made me crave a super hot shower and a duvet comforter with two warm bodies already tucked in or on it.

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