Well it has been six days since I last wrote in here.  Six days that were busy and lazy all at the same time.  Is that even possible?  Between countless headaches and homework our house has been bustling, yet quiet and calm all at once.

I never updated my blog followers (whoever and how many that may be) on my first day of class at my new school.  It was... ...well, boring.  Ha ha.  What can I say syllabus' and feng shui don't really interest me.  Actually that's a lie, feng shui is semi interesting.  But I will admit it is also kind of crazy.  (I mean who really does that?  [If you don't know much about this topic I am discussing... maybe I will write about it later in life.  Ha ha.. AKA google it!])  Regardless needless to say my classes have gotten off to a pretty slow start.  Unfortunately.  One of my professors (well both actually..) is an actual interior designer with her own business who is just now returning to teaching.  So that makes it a bit harder because she is getting back into the swing of things, while trying to teach us.  Kind of difficult if you ask me.  The other professor is VERY experienced in both teaching and her business.  I'm not quite sure our styles are the same, so this could be an interesting semester.  But hey, my style is not going to be the same as EVERY one of my clients so I guess I should get used to it.  Anyway I am super excited for my classes to get going a bit more.  I've already had one class cancelled (last Wednesday the school didn't open up until 12, so my 10 AM class was cancelled!)... which leads me to my next topic...

SNOW.  Holy piss, I cannot lie.. I don't remember the last time Kansas got the amount of snow we have here.  It snowed hardcore and we ended up with like 8 inches of snow.  Which doesn't even dent what they got last year this time of year here.  But hey, for me it was crazy!  In just a matter of hours the cars were covered and the snow was DEEP.  Now it will take another million days for it to melt away.  But it doesn't bother me.  We had fun taking a walk in the middle of the snow storm with the dog, unburying the cars and of course trying to get the dog to go outside and poop.  Ha ha, he isn't a big fan of pooping when he can't even squat and there is no grass to squat on.  Understandable to say the least.

Well after like a week of a dirty house (hey what can I say, sometimes the motivation just doesn't come to me.) it is FINALLY clean.  At least for now.  Feels good to be going into Monday with what I would call a clean house.  It's not sparkly clean, but hey close enough... that's about how I feel anymore about keeping the house clean.  The laundry on the other hand... OUT. OF. CONTROL.  I don't know when or if I will catch up!

As far as the goals I had set last week... I did go to zumba on Tuesday night with Tracy.  It's amazing that it can be cold outside and snow on the ground, but after an hour of zumba the classroom downstairs has foggy mirrors and sweaty people leaving the room.  Wasn't near as hard as last time I went.  But nevertheless hard to keep moving for an hour straight.  Unfortunately though, since it snowed I didn't get any apps out.  :/  Hey, there is always next week, right?  I WILL get it done.  Just a matter of doing it at this point.

Otherwise we've spent our time dealing with the dog (he has picked up a new habit of walking around the house just straight up crying.. for no reason.), going to poker on base, celebrating the Palacio's little bundle of joy at their baby shower, helping Audrey bring in her big 3rd birthday and going on date nights.  It has been fun!

Now on to just pray we don't get the snow expected for Wednesday.. I HAVE to go to class. :D  Or want to at least.

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