Holy poop.

It has been a long time since I last updated.  I will go with the excuse.. life has been too busy.  When in reality, I've just been thinking about far bigger things.  Like my 21st birthday (tomorrow), Rob's deployment (September) and our big trip to Atlantic City to celebrate our 21st's (this weekend).  In the time since my last post we have done maintenance on our cars, taken Piston to the vet to get his bordatello shot (his first time getting boarded will be this weekend for 2 and a half days), roadtrips to Sonic with both my boys, done homework, completed my first project this semester, cleaned the house, dang near caught up on the 3 plus laundry hampers of laundry that had been piling up, celebrated Valentine's Day, had 4-day weekends together, gotten manicures and gone shopping, but most of all enjoyed life.

There have been many pros like white rose surprises, delicious home cooked meals, gorgeous weather days where the sun shined all day and the windows were down, taking Piston to the hill to play with his new favorite toy (a simple tennis ball with a squeaker inside.  It goes EVERYWEHRE with him.), walks in the afternoon after class was out, taking pictures, laughing a lot, sleeping in AS LATE AS POSSIBLE, poker tournaments that actually went well, clean clothes put away, and cuddling up with my boys.

As well as cons... it may snow on my birthday, the dog knows how to squeak that tennis ball to the point of everyone going insane, catty ladies taking it just a step too far, headaches that last all day, kitchens that only stay clean for a day, the nice weather turning cold and cloudy, hypocrites, and too many tasks that require just a smidge too much.

It happens right?  Life always has it's pros and cons.  Well there is soooo much to do.  Not enough time.. my goal for tomorrow (as long as the snow doesn't ruin it) is to do as little as possible at home with a bottle of wine and then see my friends tomorrow night for dinner and more drinks.  Here is to 24 hours and 5 minutes away from being legitimately 21! 


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