Quick update.

For what readers I have.

We survived our big weekend. :D  We had a blast in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Between gambling and drinking, which is what we spent the majority of our weekend doing... we shopped, walked through other casinos, walked the boardwalk, walked in general, dressed up, ate some dang good food, laughed, met an awesome older couple that bought us a significant amount of drinks, won money, lost money, got angry at losing money, took pictures of the ocean, saw surfers surf, missed Piston, listened to the heater in our room make noise, listened to the shower make an awful screeching noise, listened to our room make noise in general, slept (some), and truly enjoyed ourselves.

It was nice to get away.  I've learned drinks are dang expensive when they can get away with charging $9 a drink if people will pay for them, bands are not always bands.. they could be a bunch of girls in lingerie singing songs that aren't theirs, losing money really sucks, the flats and heels I brought with me are not under any circumstances good walking shoes (thank goodness for the bandaids I remembered!), free breakfast is usually cold food that shouldn't even be served more than likely, it can be hard to find a bottle of water and alcohol makes you really parched and really really sleepy.

Now we are home.  Rob is crashed on the couch.  Piston is crashed on the floor.  We are all exhausted and it would appear that my baby Piston caught a cold while we were gone.  (He was boarded at a kennel near us with an indoor/outdoor run for him.. it rained a bit while we were gone.. may have caused it.)  Now it's back to school tomorrow, and joining a gym as well.  Plus unpacking. Laundry. Picking up the casa.  And giving my  doggie tons of loving for his poor sick little self.

Hope everyone else had just as enjoyable a weekend. :D

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