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Well it's Sunday night... the weekend is slowly (and painfully) coming to an end.  It was a grand weekend though, I will definitely admit that.

Friday night we did a bit of a crazy shopping spree.  Tax return money came back and there were a few things on the wish list that Rob got himself... So after he got off work we spent many hours hunting down the things he wanted.  They were either sold out or more expensive at different stores... but finally we hunted down the 47 inch LED TV Rob has in his sights.  We also got him the laptop he needed for school.  And I got a new purse!  Yay!  Ha ha, it was fun though and very busy for us considering that meant a lot of driving from store to store since you couldn't get everything at one place.

Yesterday I got up to volunteer at the thrift shop on post.  I actually got offered my first job here.  But it's only 9 hours a week and $300 a month.  So no decisions have been made on if that is worth it.  Considering there is a drive to base and what not.  I mean it is some money compared to none.  So I don't know... I'm torn.  It would be good to work on base with people I know for the most part, but I think the job might be a bit of a challenge for a little bit.  But it's a start, so I will let you all know more on that later.  Anyway.. last night Rob and I went on a date night.  :D Dinner at Chili's.  Walking around the mall.  Then back to the casa for an Adam Sandler movie to wrap the night up.  It was awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  But who doesn't enjoy a date night with their man?

TODAY.. I slept in. Cause after all that running, we were all tired.  Then I went to a baby shower for little Ryan and his parents.  I am SO excited for my opportunity to babysit that little cutie.  Now here I sit in the living room with the boys.  Watching. The. Superbowl.  Dur, da dur.  Ha ha.  Been an interesting one between Christina Augilera messing up the National Anthem and the Black Eyed Peas yelling, not singing the whole halftime.  Oh yes, well it happens.  Ha ha, or seems to ALWAYS happen at the superbowl.  But I love how the NFL does their shout-outs to the military and makes EVERYONE feel patriotic.  I love America!

Okay well another busy week of school and other adventures.  Hope everyone has a good week!  Rob gets an extra day off for his unit's "good behavior" tomorrow because of the superbowl.  So after class I will be spending an extra day with BOTH my boys.

Oh and did I mention it was nearly 50 degrees today?!  Um yeah, awesome.

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