Once again it has been a few days since I last wrote.  A lot has happened in those few days... One day we are looking at potential houses in the area that are bigger and better with a backyard. The next day we are buckling down with the decision of Kuwait and a year long deployment.

On Tuesday what is called a "whiskey code" got removed from Rob's profile.  Essentially that is what was keeping him here in Maryland.  It was set to stay on there for 3 years.  Basically meaning he would be stuck here until that time was up (which really isn't that much longer anyway.. just means it would be up next year versus this.)  Well when Rob enlisted in the Army in 2008 he enlisted for 6 years.  A bunch of people he went to basic training and AIT with only enlisted for 4.  Those people are now looking at the option of reenlisting, but can't because they have the code making them stay here on their profile.  (To reenlist they usually send you somewhere else to be stationed at.)  So the answer to that was to remove the "whiskey code" from the profile, and it ended up getting removed from everyone that had been here 2+ years.  That afternoon I got the call from him saying he had four options... Fort Campbell in Kentucky, Fort Drum in New York, Korea and Kuwait.  Well we weighed all of our choices... Fort Campbell was what I immediately thought of as the best place for us.  Until he let me know that he would deploy to Afghanistan almost immediately for a  year.  Then be home for a year.  Then deploy again.  Meaning he would be gone 2 of his last 3 years in the Army, since that unit is like the second most deploying unit in the Army.  Fort Drum was immediately out for us.  Too much snow as it is at the Northern point of New York.  He would also deploy immediately from there to Afghanistan.  So that brought us to Korea and Kuwait.  Both year long deployments.  Korea made me a little bit hesitant as they have all those issues going on right now with North Korea.  To me that makes it more of a combat zone then Kuwait.  Kuwait was our final option... and while it is considered a combat zone, he will more than likely have a desk job.  So Kuwait it is.  He will be gone for a year starting in September and when he gets home will have an option of where he wants to go.  Fort Riley was the first choice, but I don't know if branch said that would work out or not.  Fort Hood is our second choice and we may make the choice to change one of those to Fort Carson in Colorado.

So that's where we are today.  There are several months between now and September obviously, but a lot of decisions to be made in that time period as well.  And I mean A LOT.  There are also a lot of memories that are going to be made between now and then though, so I am just taking each day as they come.

I will more than likely take classes this Summer too.  So no matter what happens I will only have one semester left to get my Associates of Interior Design.  Then when we are at a bit more of a permanent location I can go for my Bachelor's and hopefully knock it right out.  Or at least that is the plan as of February 4th.

Well my lips are chapped and I am waiting on Rob to get home this evening so we can go out and run some fun errands. :D Then a relaxing cozy night in is what I am hoping for at least once this weekend!  Got a baby shower and the Superbowl obviously, but hey those are just minor details!   Ha ha.

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