An advantage.

Usually all I do is complain about Maryland and the very "different" people that call this state their home.  However, I will admit Maryland does have one advantage that the midwest does not.  This state has Annapolis, Maryland.  Probably the most GORGEOUS city I have ever been to.  It's stationed right on the water and consists of the Naval Academy, the state capitol and many many gorgeous homes.  Today I had to run an errand for Rob down there.  It was a huge hassle, because there are traffic circles right in the middle of town and little white signs meant to mark the names of the roads.  Which makes it not the easiest when you are trying to follow directions to find something.  After abandoning my written directions and turning to my phone's gps to figure out where I was, and where the place I was going was... I found it and took a moment to revel in the gorgeous part of town I had stumbled across.  It's like a waterfront downtown.  Lots of towns have downtowns that are gorgeous.  For example, I love the downtowns in little midwestern towns, like Concordia, KS.  Take that downtown and put it on the water with bright vibrant colors (even on this gray, cloudy, yucky day.) and you get the downtown in Annapolis, MD.  I didn't stay to explore the stores across the road from the water, but I will go back before we move on a day that is a tad bit warmer.  Just wanted to share my love for that town while I was thinking positive things about Maryland for once. :D

Other than that--- I'm ready to move home.  I love my BFF's who keep me sane and know me.  The true ones that aren't here just right now or were here just back then.  Can't wait to see my family and I am truly hoping they can help us move in July.  Wishing that that move home in July did not consist of Rob leaving for a year also.  Sometimes I still think that hasn't all set in.  Probably won't until the day comes that he boards the plane.  I love the way my little dude Piston eats his food.  It's like a straight up chomp--up and down, not side to side or in a circle.. and even if he is eating, he is still watching what you are doing.  Always.  I also love the excitement he has for you when you come home from somewhere.  When you let him out of his kennel, he slips and slides across the kitchen linoleum, finds his ball and starts running around the house with his tail going a million miles an hour out of pure excitement.  It's one of those little moments in life that you just love and can't wait for.

Hoping Spring comes to us full-time here soon.  And you too wherever you may be.

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