Sometimes I wonder

What people are thinking when they put stuff out on the "world wide web".  As most of you know, today some missiles were launched by the U.S.A. at Libya.  For anyone associated with the military, this immediately strikes fear when you hear that America is getting involved in another nation's crisis.  Obama says there will be no ground troops.  And I pray that that is true [[Kuwait is a tad bit too close to Libya for my comfort.]] however, Obama also said we would not get involved, period.  And we did.  In response to us attacking Libya's air defense, a military support group that I follow posted this status..

"And, the Marines will once again see the shores of Tripoli. It's official...we have now engaged with Libya. Let's keep the troops being moblized in our thoughts. As well, as the troops we have deployed to other countries."

In the comments they claimed that it was a joke.

Wait. What?

Am I the ONLY person that doesn't think that is a funny joke?  It is a very real potential reality, and to joke about it is extremely disrespectful.  I know where we stand in this household.. Rob has been watching what has been going on very closely incase that day does come.  But to me, to be a support group and post that as an admin, you should not be trying to make a serious situation light.  Thus I say... what in the hell were they thinking?

Sometimes it's strange for me to think of the things that I now get pissed off about.  Some of them are very serious things that before living in a household that revolves around the military, I never would have thought twice about.  Other things are very mundane.  Like for example, if we make plans with another couple to go to a fairly expensive seafood restaurant.. wait around for over an hour for the text to come through saying they are on their way.. leave when that text does come through, only to find out it was supposed to have come through 45 minutes earlier.. drive as quickly as possible to get there, even though other couple is already there apparently.. only to find out they have left because they had to wait about 10 minutes.  That, that situation, makes me very upset.

Luckily, this weekend has been very good minus the minor unexpected annoyances.  It started Thursday with St. Patties Day [[since Rob got off early that day and doesn't go back until Tuesday.]]---while we didn't drink any green beer, we did wear green!  Yesterday we went to the above mentioned seafood restaurant for the first time this season.  It's a seafood restaurant on the water!  Since the weather was 80 degrees, it was definitely worth it!  Followed that with poker until like 12:30 in the morning.  Making it a fairly late night for us by the time we got home.  However, both of us placed in the tournaments so NO complaints here!  This evening we took advantage of some free tickets offered to us [[the up side to being associated with the military]] to the DC United vs. Columbia game.  I'm not a huge soccer fan, but it was awesome to go to my first sporting event where I could purchase a beer and cheer.  I will admit soccer has grown on me after that experience.  Soccer fans... they are CRAZY!  They definitely love their sport.  Also, DC's soccer team is very very good.  It was lots of fun.. typical sporting event over-priced food and beer cups filled too full to safely carry back to your seat.  Oh and did I mention I walked into the men's bathroom on accident?  I swear I wasn't drunk.  Just another day at the stadium... haha.  Not to mention it's ONLY Saturday... we have two full days left before it's back to the grind.  Or well.. kind of.  Seeing as I am on Spring Break and don't currently have a job.. it will be back to well, nothing for me!! :D

Hope yall are well, please do keep the military involved in both Japan and Libya in your prayers, as the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan are too I hope.

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