Where is the commonsense?

***Warning--I'm going to be ranting like nobodies business about my stupid, ignorant neighbors, again...***

Tonight, once again, reminds me of why I want my own 4 walls (at least) and driveway!  I decided at 8:30 tonight (Sunday) that I would drive to 7-eleven.  Literally RIGHT down the street to pick up the newspaper and some milk.  As I opened the door to leave I noticed my annoying neighbor had parked her retarded Explorer parallel behind the parking spots, literally behind our two cars.  Knowing that she would probably run out and steal my parking spot (since the closest one was like 7 cars down.. too far for her of course.) while I was gone a mere 5 minutes or less... I got in and of course had to shimmy out of the parking spot since she had the vehicles blocked in.  That was only the start of things.  So I run to the store, and as I come back I see her headlines on, and sure enough she was in the process of backing into my parking spot.  I KNOW she saw me.  She is so lucky she was inside by the time I made it to the walk, because I would have given her a piece of my mind.  Instead I pulled out a notepad and began a letter essentially saying "thanks for taking my parking spot as I ran to the store for 5 minutes.  Also, can you not park behind me, it makes it hard to get out".  I shimmied it into her car handle and ran inside fuming mad.  Rob reminded me that we still have to live next to these crazies for another 3 months (the same crazies that woke me up this morning while they argued, really, really mad.), so I ran outside again.  Grabbed the note and threw it away only to go back inside and rant some more how I am so sick of them and how they only think about themselves and they are selfish and stupid.  (Thus me wanting my own 4 walls, cause it's highly possible they heard... but who cares?  It probably won't change anything with them.)  I just truly don't understand how some people can live in a townhouse scenario of all things (where we ALL suffer from lack of parking spots, privacy, etc.) and be so selfish.  This is the same couple who reserves spots for each other.  Clean their vehicles half in a parking spot with all the doors open blocking other parking spots.  Slam their front door a million times a day rattling everything on our walls.  Steal parking spots when it snows that are cleaned out for hours by neighbors.  And the biggest thing that bothers me... THEY ARENT FRIENDLY.  So why should I be nice to them?

The day we move out, I am writing them a lovely note telling them why they can't keep neighbors (from the beginning they informed us they have had a hard time with "good" neighbors and have had a lot of new ones.) I'm going to spell out everything that they have done that makes them a bad neighbor.  It's not going to be mean, just to the point.  I've had it!  Especially since our leasing office will not do anything for us.  I think tomorrow I will make a trip over there and show them the pictures I took of her car paralleled behind ours.  I've told them about this before, and they just ignore my request to put something out about it.


I'm over it.

So, another weekend over.  This one was good.  I wish the weather would make up it's mind.  Like all the rest of us probably.  We went to a DC United game last night and it was chilly!!! So I'm eager for warm days and cool nights, and the lake, and this class I'm taking to be over, and the move back to KC, and all the fun things we have planned here before we move, and Lindsay and Brian's wedding, and my trip home in May.  All of it and SOOO very much more!

Alright yall, catch ya on the flipside.

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