Happy Birthday Mom!

I don't know if I've said this before... but one of the hardest parts about living 1,105 miles away from my parents (and more than that from my sister, currently.) is not being there for every holiday you've spent so many years celebrating with them.  First it was my Dad's birthday, then it was Thanksgiving, then my birthday and now my Mom's.  Her 50th on top of all that!  You can only do and say so much from so far away, before you just know you are missing out.  I guess it's all part of growing up.  Most everyone goes through this at some point in their life.  Some occasions just hit me way harder than others.

I hope my Mom had a truly amazing birthday.  She deserves it.  I know my Dad and her co-workers put a lot of thought into surprising her.  It's such a big day for her.. one she has secretly dreaded (because of the age number of course!) but none the less, who doesn't secretly love their birthday??

When I'm there in May we will of course make it up, for all the holidays I've missed.  Plus this next year I will get to spend with my family again before going wherever the Army takes us for the last year and a half he will have in.  Until then, Happy birthday again Mom!!!  I love you so much, and miss you much!

Well, tomorrow is hump day.. halfway there folks.

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