Home again.

It's always so nice to come back to Kansas and visit.  [Granted this time it was to look for my future home after the middle of next month.]  But it's even nicer to get home back to my boys.  Back to the furry one that cuddles me for a full day and doesn't let me out of his sight.  Back to the human one that spends many hours explaining how happy he is that I am home.  Even if it is just for the moral support and cleaning abilities.  ;D

I found the place I will call home in about 3 weeks.  It's great, and I truly am excited to be living there.  The perspective of having a new place to live in and decorate differently is truly an awesome feeling for an interior design major.  But at the end of the day there is still that piece of knowing that the sooner I get there... the sooner Rob is gone.  Makes it all bittersweet.  I will live a little less than 20 minutes from my family.  And I'm excited for the 14 foot vaulted ceilings, I'm not going to lie.  Makes a place seem so much bigger, in my opinion.  That and the walk in closet and tons of extra storage I will have.  It fulfills all of my wishes.

Lindsay and Brian got married during the week that I was home too.  So a good percentage of my time was spent with the bride.  She helped me pick out the apartment, we got our nails done together, and after a sleep over we kicked off wedding festivities.  I'm so happy for them!  Plus I truly had a blast at the wedding and reception.  Now they are in Florida celebrating the life they are about to start together.  Or rather continue together since they have already lived together for many years.

The final big event of the trip was my Mom's surprise party.  She had NO IDEA.  Which was perfect, I mean we did throw her a 50th birthday party a month AFTER her actual birthday.  I was tasked with keeping her entertained day of.  So I took her to Derek's graduation gathering and spent about 3 hours in Lawrence.  When we finally got back she walked in, and literally couldn't believe it.  A lot of great people showed up to surprise her, and I am so very thankful for that.  All in all it was a successful surprise and a great evening.

Now I'm back here in Maryland and the process of packing up our townhouse here will begin before too long.  After I finish the many many loads of laundry that is.  They FINALLY fixed our washer.  [apparently it was all hooked up wrong or something]  In the process they made our closet a huge mess.. but I guess I can't do anything about that except clean it.  Boo.  Oh well that is like the second place on the list to pack.  Well there will be more to come at some point.  For some reason I can't blog from my regular browser, Safari... so I have to use Internet Explorer for this post.  Been so long since I've had to use it.. but that's why it was so few and far between for this post.  Maybe that problem will fix itself but who the hell knows.

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