Why is it...

That I ALWAYS procrastinate at the worst times???

I mean really.  Here I am blogging instead of changing out a load of laundry, packing or anything really.  What is wrong with me?

I have anxious energy (partially caused by the pepsi I drank at poker tonight..) and rather than channeling it into something productive I am sitting here dreaming of ways to decorate the new apartment that I will have in just under a month.

I truly pray all goes well.  And by well I mean both EASY and PERFECT.  But who really knows what to expect? Each move is entirely different.  My last one was just a corolla full of stuff (full, full.. not just the trunk full) and this one will be a moving truck full.  And rather than just being my stuff, it will be my stuff.. Rob's stuff AND Piston's stuff.  Three times the original amount. (although I will admit, the majority is my stuff..)

Okay okay.. I'm so behind on laundry it isn't even funny.  So I must go start the stuff I need to pack tomorrow, as well as get ready for bed.  Since I don't plan on actually packing tonight.  I probably better go to bed at least.  Tomorrow will come so soon.

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