A sense of normalcy.

Well things are finally starting to settle down, just a tad.  I can't quite say I am back for normal updates/posts.. as the next couple weeks are going to be filled to the brim with seeing family and doing things Rob wants to do before he leaves.  But we finally got internet and the house is mostly finished (the dang bedroom will kill me before it gets done I'm sure...).  Oops, by house I mean apartment.  That's weird for me.  The third floor no less.  Hopefully by the end of the summer after taking Piston potty enough times, some weight will be shed that was gained while living in Maryland.  (Which surprisingly I kind of miss... only because there I was essentially a nobody.  I could go places and nobody would know who I was.  Here.. it's like everywhere you go you recognize/know someone.  Which I used to love, but I guess I will have to re-adapt to.)

Anyway so I found a peaceful moment where both my babes are asleep and figured I'd update this to let everyone know we made it here if nothing else.  The drive was hell.  We did end up staying the night though somewhere in Indiana.  After a near tire blow out.  We went looking for a bathroom that was advertised on a highway sign... but ended up being a little convenience store about a mile off the road that is not open 24/7, if ever anymore.  I think when we did our turn around with the truck we must of drove over something that punctured one of the 4 tires on the trailer.  Luckily by the time we pulled into the next gas station it was just flat, and someone was kind enough to point it out.  An hour and a half later we decided to call it a night at the next set of hotels about 30 minutes down the road.  After battling the wind on I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City we finally pulled in with enough time to get the keys to our apartment a day early.  And by the end of that night we had the whole truck unloaded, with a huge thanks to my family and a few of my sisters friends that were kind enough to come and help.  3 days later we are all trying to recover still I do believe.  Piston did an amazing job on the move.  He rode in the car like a pro.  Especially for a boxer.  Once we hit the highway he was out like a light and even had some dreams on the road.  Couldn't have asked for a better result from him.  Rob ended up driving the truck from MD to KS.. both days.  SO hew as pretty freaking worn out by the time everything was unloaded Tuesday night.  Then there is me... I think if nothing else the stress caught up with me from this move and what is still left to be done.  And I just can't get over it...

Anyway, bottom line.. we are here and in one piece.

I hear a storm rolling in.  I forgot how crazy it can be in the springtime here.  And we definitely hear storms here as opposed to the townhouse we used to live in.  For whatever reason we hardly heard storms.  Last night at like 1AM.. there was a huge thunderclap that sent Piston to the window to check it out and then back into the bedroom to take over my side of the bed for the remainder of the night.  Not to mention my phone keeps blowing up with weather channel notifications that we are under warnings.  No kidding??  I can hear that.  Ha ha.

Well---better hit the hay.  Have to get up and go tomorrow.  Goal is to have the bedroom finished and the last boxes out of this house by the time my besties get here around lunchtime.  We are hitting up the casinos with Rob tomorrow during the day!  Or rather.. Kara and Rob are going to gamble.  I am going to drink free drinks compliments of them... and Al?  I think she is just along for the ride!  Then Sunday aka Fathers Day we are headed to Concordia for what may be the last time I get to see my Grandpa before he passes away.  He's on hospice for those that don't know... and my Mom is under the impression he is just waiting for me to come see him one last time.  As much as it hurts, I know he is on his way to a much better place for him.  Where he will get to spend his days with the love of his life and not suffer anymore.  One should only wish that for those that they love very much.

So say an extra prayer if you read this.  I have a feeling it is very much needed.

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