When all you can hear is the air conditioner.

Sometimes it is a very very good thing.  (Unless of course your mind is wandering just a tad bit too much.. then.. then it's a bit frustrating. ((Tonight is NOT one of those nights.)))  Rob is out of the house apartment for awhile right now so Piston and I are relaxing.  Shall I paint you a picture?  The dog is completely sprawled across the couch still trying to catch up on missed sleep from this weekend (more on that later).  I am sitting here at the computer desk reading blogs, chatting on Facebook and thinking about how I should get up and walk over to shut the blinds on the screen door since it is dark out and all my neighbors don't really need to see in.

Random?  I do believe so.

The apartment is completely unpacked.  The only thing missing as of now is stuff on the walls.  Which everything is laying in the correct room just waiting for me to hang it up when I get a chance during non-quiet hours to bang a nail into the wall.  It feels like home and I have almost (not quite) forgot about the drab place we left in Maryland with it's half painted walls, dingy carpet and front door that let ants in.

Speaking of Maryland... remember my post about how awful the drivers are there?  I do believe Kansas.. or maybe just Olathe.. is sneaking up on that state.  Maybe it's about time for Kansas to make a law making it illegal to tough your phone while driving.  Cause at the end of the day that really is the root of all problems.  We could of avoided the near rear end if it weren't for the guy holding his phone up next to his steering wheel doing what I can only assume was surfing the web.  We could of avoided all the anger from the driver in our car if it weren't for that person cutting him off while talking on their phone.  You see Kansas.. take a pointer from Maryland.. things get better when the phone is not in use.  (Yes, Mom and Dad, I am aware that you have been telling me this for years!)

I have seen all my important friends since getting back.. except Lindsay and her new husband.  But that's okay they are excused since they are in the process of moving as well.  Everyone has admired my vaulted ceilings, met my crazy puppy and had food with us at least once.  There are so many more people to see though before Rob deploys... (yuck, that word...) so I do not see anything slowing down anytime soon.

Our visit to Concordia to see Grandpa went well actually.  He was in good spirits and cracking jokes when he wasn't sleeping.  I think he was extremely happy to have his family with him for Father's day and who can blame the man?  He lives in a nursing home and has no interaction most days.  I wouldn't wish that on even my worst enemy.  Regardless he downed his strawberry milkshake and asked how the family was doing.  He is such a great man and the only thing I can ask is that the Lord go easy on him in his last days, months, etc..

We spent this last weekend at the lake with my parents, sister and two of her friends.  It was Piston's first adventure camping and first experience with a body of water bigger than a bathtub.  He liked being outside, but did not enjoy being away from us.  It was hot a few days so Piston spent time in his kennel in my parents a/c'd camper while we were out on the water and the likes.  The first day he wasn't too sure about the water but as the temperature climbed the next day he went bounding in.  Didn't quite master swimming, but it's in his future as he is a very very smart dog.  Anyway, we left with new memories and a sunburn on Rob's face but it was a worthwhile weekend!  Of course.

Now we get to rush laundry so we can leave for out next adventure.  Tomorrow we head to see Rob's family in Springfield.  Where we will be in Branson for July 4th and make even more memories.  After that it will be more whirlwind visiting with people before Rob leaves.  But for now we aren't thinking about that.  I mean, who really would want to??

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