Epic Fail

If I would have had anything to post about this week, believe me I would have.

Besides church and laundry at my parents on Sunday it has been the same routine all week.  Work all day, eat dinner, walk Piston, fall asleep on the couch, get ready for bed, talk to Rob, then go to bed.  Eventful huh?  I had Monday off though so I got to catch dinner and catch up with my best friend.  So thankful to be back close to her again.  To say the least.  And it had been a couple of weeks since I last saw her, so we had TONS of catching up to do.

Tomorrow is another off day that is already filling up with stuff, just like the rest of the weekend.  Maybe I will have some interesting stories to share very soon! :) Here's to hoping!

For those of you that started school again or will start soon, good luck.

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