Where the blacktop ends..

Well I finally have some time after an incredibly busy weekend to write a little bit.  Two cheers to that.

--Friday night was Keith Urrrrrrban and Jake Owen with my mom, dad and sister.  Such an amazing country concert.  It wasn't all about turning it into a show, it was just them singing.  Songs from the past, present and future.  Which made it a relaxing fun time.  Literally the only two things missing were Rob and a good margarita (long story short, the one I bought had too much mix and not enough tequila.. gross.)  Next time I will just stick with beer!!

--Piston and I spent all day Saturday being lazy and it was WONDERFUL.  We literally laid in bed till like 5.  I was reading and he was obviously sleeping.  The only thing I left to do was run some errands.  But hey, we still got our lazy on.. and I couldn't have asked for a better day.

--Yesterday morning we got up to go meet up with a friend from one of my JCCC classes.  Erin came with us and we tried to get some good pictures of Piston.  The friend is a budding photographer who needs pictures for her portfolio.  So I threw a challenge at her to take a picture of an active boxer.  And let me tell you, he didn't let us down.  It was a challenge.  By the end I was sweating so much and covered in dog hair and slobber.  But hopefully we got some good picture so just him, him and I, and just me.

--After that we went to my parents for lunch, and P came with.  He was such a good boy!  Partly because he was tired I think, and partly because deep down he is a good boy.  :) I was very proud, and now I'm not so concerned about Christmas.  I think him and I are going to stay the night there Christmas Eve into day.. and I'm not as concerned about him being good anymore.  Very satisfying when your dog is a big ole' handful.

--When we were done there we dropped the dog off and headed back to my parents to go to a Sporting KC game at the new Livestrong park.  Very nice stadium.. like really nice.  Unfortunately DC United (who is legitimately my team, since I rooted for them when I first started watching soccer) lost.. if only they could replace the goalie!  I ran into an old friend though and it was just an all over good experience.  Minus the dripping sweat!  Minor inconvenience.

--Today was back to work.. and I've made some changes in my life lately, including dropping pepsi from my routine, walking the dog every night and flossing!  It seems to fit in perfect with my boss.  She's a very healthy person (obviously I mean she is a doctor) and she believes in natural remedies.  So today she got me started on a supplement that should help with my allergies.  The pills themselves smell like the hay they give the cows out in Western Kansas, but if I can just get past that, I am hoping it will help.  Because today those allergies took a nasty flare up.. at 4 in the morning!! Lame.  But I'm starting to think working here may be EXTREMELY good for me.. get me headed down a healthier path.  And maybe just maybe I will be 10x better when Rob gets back. :)

--And finally, after work today I had my first online orientation for Devry.  Classes start in exactly one week.  Seems like the system and ways of their online classes are much like the online classes I took at JCCC.  So as long as I time manage appropriately, this should be fairly simple.  And by simple I mean in the way things go, not the topics at hand.  Statistics and into to graphic design (not the real course title but basically what it is..) will hopefully not be TOO challenging this session!

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