Tonight I am missing Maryland.  Maybe not Maryland specifically, but the relationships I had with other military spouses and the fact that my husband was around..

Don't get me wrong.  I love Kansas.  I enjoy being around my family and being back in my comfort zone.  But I'm realizing more and more that when I chose to get married so young, I took a step away from some of my friends here in Kansas.  They will never understand.  And in return, I will never understand some of their choices.  The hardest part for me though is hearing my friends throw out that the reason I don't want to go out on a Wednesday night is because I'm married.. not because I have to work the next morning and get up at 7:30.  Which is obviously the true reason.  Just because I'm married does not mean I am not 21 anymore and the same Amanda I've always been.  Seems to be such a huge hurdle for some people to get over.

Or maybe it's just a big one for me to get over.  Maybe I am not the same anymore?  I've decided to grow up and made a big step in my life, while many will not do that for several years still.  One day they will understand...

And that's what I miss about Maryland.  The friendships I had there were based around us all being devoted married military wives.  We understood each other.  Especially since many of us had gotten married young.  I guess sometimes it rings true that mil wives will only understand certain things about each other that others just can't.  Not many of those friendships have carried on since I moved back to Kansas and their lives went on.  But if I ever run into them again, you can bet we'd have tons to catch up on...

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