That stinks!

Whoa buddy can the dog pop a fart off stinkier than it should probably really smell..

Ha ha.  Another week has practically flown by.  As long as things continue to go this way, I am beyond good with it. :)

This also means another week of work complete.  Along with work this week held more awesome adventures as well.  Such as.. I started a gym routine that includes taking the dog for a walk everyday.  Yesterday I took him to the dog park and we met Kara there.  I wasn't too thrilled by it.  And I only say that because it's not a fully closed in area of land.  But it wore him out.  Which was the ultimate goal.  Plus he got his interaction with other dogs.  Can't wait until the day we can get him a friend.  That day obviously will not be until we have a giant fenced in backyard that is just screaming for dogs to tumble around in.  Anyway, also took Piston to my parents yesterday for a chat, and he was so relaxed and chill he even let my Dad pet him.  A very strange occurrence.

Got paid my first paycheck today.. now I'm reminded why people work.  It feels empowering to be making your own money.  Did some shopping and picked up a bottle of wine to enjoy while watching Jersey Shore and other trash TV recorded on my DVR.  In my opinion, how could it get better??  Oh wait.  It could.  My main man could be right next to me right now.  More than likely asleep.  Cause lord knows he conks out way before me, all the time.

Will probably be headed to bed soon as tomorrow is a busy day!  This week I am going to try and get on a routine where I updated this thing every night or something.  It's a huge relaxing thing at the end of the day.  ESPECIALLY since I spend a lot of time during the day not talking to anyone as my boss at work is in with patients the majority of the day.

But if anyone is wondering---I am doing fine.  My school starts on the 29th.  I'm enrolled in 2 classes this session.  One for my degree and the other is stats.  Once that starts I will obviously be even busier than I feel right now.  But it makes the time go by faster, which who can ever complain about that when you are waiting for a year to go by quickly?

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