I should be sleeping but THIS thing needs updated!

So, I got the job.  I started last Monday.. so this past week was my first full week of being back to work.  So far so good.  I like it.. keeps me busy and makes the week just fly by.  Piston and I are still adjusting to it though.  He isn't a big fan of spending all day in his kennel, and I'm not a big fan of being the one that has to lock him up in his kennel every time.  Also there is this thing called getting up at 7 in the morning to be at work by 8:45.  Let me tell you THAT'S an adjustment.  LOL.

Anyway so mostly all of last week was work.  Which I'm not too bothered by! :) Friday I ran all my errands and spent some time with Lindsay.  We went and saw Friends with Benefits.  Which is good, but makes you miss your husband when he is so far from home.  That's okay I enjoyed it.. kind of awkward watching it with a bunch of old couples though.  Ha ha.  Saturday I helped my sister move into her sorority house.  Kind of makes me wish that I had gone to a university and lived though all of that stuff.. but only for a brief second and then I am back in reality loving my life exactly how it is.  Minus the fact that Rob is so far from home.  Saturday night Kara and Colin came over and we drank margaritas, ate pizza and watched Sex and the City. So it was super nice and relaxing.. then today I did nothing but laundry, some dishes and I washed the dog.  Obviously that was beyond fabulous especially after sleeping till noon! :)

Other than that, I am hoping that tomorrow I will know what the situation is for my schooling.  Also hoping that tomorrow they will come fix the garbage disposal and shower drain.  That would be nice!!  But I guess we will see..

It's super late though, and it's raining so I am going to hit the hay. :) Some more much needed sleep is on it's way to me.  Then another work week ahead.

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