Done.. earring holder, my way.

Well this weekend was spent going to lunch with an old friend, cleaning the closet, getting winter clothing out, doing homework, spending time with my family... AND completing one of the crafts I had been eyeing.  No idea why it took me this long to do it because it was super easy.

In case you missed it, here is my post about this craft.
(My version is not painted though)

Supplies needed for MY version:
-one spool of ribbon
-cheese graters.  I found mine at Walmart for less than $2 a piece
-hot glue

1. Cut the ribbon down to the length of the handle.  As you can tell I picked out ribbon that matches the color scheme in our bedroom, but you can pick out any color or design.  (And ideally if I had the money for it, my sheets would be made out of this silky material in this pattern!)

2. Run hot glue down the length of both edges of the handle and press the ribbon on.  Hold for a few second to let it dry.  Don't worry about the edges being a perfect fit for the length of the handle as you are going to cover it later.

3. Cut long strips of ribbon and tie into bows.  I did four so that I would have one for each size and two for each grater as I was making two of these.  I also folded the ends of the ribbon and cut to make the edges fancy.

4. Glue the bows onto each end of your ribbon strip.  I glued the bows directly to the ribbon instead of the grater itself.  You have to hold these for longer than you did the ribbon on the handle, otherwise they will not hold.

5. Add earrings!  I arranged all mine by color.. but here is just an example of what it looks like.

And I already LOVE having this around.  This morning I wore a pair of earrings I always forget about when they were just all bunched together.

Did you all do anything crafty this weekend?


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