Late night musings.

I should really be going to bed but I'm freaking out over Piston.  As usual..

[[warning, going to get a bit into the TMI zone.]]

About a month ago I took him to the vet for this wheezing coughing sound and he was diagnosed with kennel cough.  So we put him on an expensive antibiotic and waited it out.  I noticed that he started having soft poop.  Okay.. no big deal.  Probably a side effect of the antibiotic.  Well here it is a month later and he has been off of it for about 2 weeks now and he still has nothing solid in his poop.  In the last 24 hours it's turned to straight liquid... it doesn't seem to phase him otherwise, but it drives me nuts!  Looks like tomorrow I will be purchasing some canned pumpkin to try and kick this dilemma in the butt..

In other news, I did some retail therapy.  I must admit I'm addicted.. ... to purses.  I've actually done really well considering my husband is not around to supervise.  Have resisted the urge to even look for weeks now.  Today that trend came to an end.  Say hello to my latest find:

The purse... I'm addicted to hardware.  I'm not sure why.

And wallet.. that is pretty darn close to matching.

The funny part about making a new purchase such as this one is that I am always so eager to go and buy something, just so I can go digging through my purse and then pull my card out of my new wallet.  Maybe that's just me...

How bout you guys, what's your addiction?

P.S. If anyone has any advice related to the dog, do share please.


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  1. Oh, sorry to hear that Piston is having some gastointestinal issues... I know bananas are supposed to "firm up" things that go on down there. Maybe try that? My dogs love bananas and think they are treats.

    Cute purse!