Christmas Card Stats.

In the midst of trying to catch up on my week plus of blog posts to read... I came across this post by Adventures of M-Squared.  I may or may not have gotten a little bit excited thinking about my own demographics for the Christmas cards I sent out this last week...  So this evening I sat down and here you go folks:

One card was sent overseas. (Kuwait, obviously.)
29 cards were sent to people/families in Kansas.
5 cards were sent to some friends in Maryland.
3 cards were sent to Florida.
3 cards were sent to Oregon.
2 cards were sent to North Carolina.
2 cards were sent to Texas.
And Missouri, California, Virginia and Georgia all received one.

For a grand total of 49 cards sent to 10 different states and one other country.

All because...
(a little note Mom included in her latest 'checking in' card.)

=) And I may be the only person in the world that gets enjoyment out of sending cards to friends and family.. but I know that if I can cheer just one person's day up by getting a card on a less than stellar day, then it's a good day for me.


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