On day xyz...

Christmas caught up with me.

It's been 10 days since I last posted.  10 excruciating days for you all I am sure.  But have no fear.. I have not been sitting on the couch watching TV rather than blogging.. I've been doing other things.. Yea that's right.  Other things.

Like decorating the apartment.  This year we are using my Grandpa's little old tree.  It's perfect for the size of our apartment.  Holds all my favorite ornaments too!  Along with the tree, our stockings our lined by the chimney bookshelf with care.  And a few strands of lights adorn our balcony and doorway.. it's perfect.  Enough to give me that I love winter/Christmas feeling when I wake up in the morning and come into a softly lit living room with a tree standing proudly in the corner.  One thing I will always remember about Christmas at my parents house.. it's just this feeling I can't even describe.

Like helping my parents decorate their house.  We spent an afternoon in the chilly rainy drizzle looking for that perfect tree.  In reality we were satisfying the same quest we go through every year.  Several Christmas tree farms followed by finding the prefect tree already cut leaning up against a wooden frame somewhere.  Another afternoon was spent fiddling around while the mess of Christmas decorating overcame my parents living room.  And at last Brindi and Roxie, found the spirit of Christmas on a blanket waiting to go back to college with my sister.

Like making the Dean's List at school.  Pretty self explanatory.. but my first semester at DeVry and I ended with a 4.0 and this letter in the mail... I'm proud.  To say the least.

Like playing in the snow dusting with Piston.  He's a fan.  A hardcore one.  He doesn't care whether it's a dusting or a 2 foot pile.  He sticks his nose in it and pushes it around.  All the while his tail wagging a million miles an hour.  I stand there next to him and you can't help but smile and laugh along with him.  (And then you get in the car and drive to work and your 15 minute commute takes an hour..)

(please notice the tail going a million miles an hour.)

Like visiting my in-laws.  This last Saturday was spent driving down to see my second family in Springfield, MO.  But I was not alone.. my parents accompanied me.  They got to meet even more of Rob's family and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. ;)  The only thing missing was Rob, of course.

(Rob's step-mom Amy, dad Mark and brother Daylen.
Not the best picture.  Texas Roadhouse hates me.
I NEVER get good pics from there.)

All the while working, finishing up my last week of school (Winter break starts in 3 days.. but whose keeping track?) and putting off Christmas shopping as long as possible.  Please don't make me go into elaborate details as to why the shopping is being put off.  The general gist is... Christmas drivers make me mad.  People in a rush make me mad.  Not finding what I want/need makes me mad.  Next year I WILL be shopping from home.. online... in October or something ridiculous.

It's just under two weeks to Christmas.. there is so much going on.. but first I must get this final report submitted and test completed.. then it's home freeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Hope all my dandy bloggers are doing great!  (I'm trying to catch up on readings.. I'm a week behind though.  YIKES!)


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  1. Glad you're back! I was checking! I missed you! LOL :)

    And I was the nut who was doing online Christmas shopping in October... guilty.. But I'm almost done now, so I feel like it was worth it? ;) Don't worry! You will make it! Good luck with your report!!! :)

  2. I am glad that picture isn't of your mom and I. You would be disowned ;-)