Merry Christmas!

Puts things in perspective today, huh?

It's been a busy 24 hours for us.  As Piston and I came over yesterday at 3, and are still here today at 3.  Between mass, Christmas dinner, presents, a way too short night of sleep, Santa presents (yes I'm 21 and still indulge in "Santa"), some movies and overall keeping Piston entertained.. I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about what is missing this year.  But that thought sits there in the back of my mind.. my husband is not home.  That's the one thing I wish different about this year.

At the end of the day it has been a success.. new toys for the dog that have left him sprawled across the floor sleeping.. hard.  Some wanted gifts (Snooki slippers anyone??) and some needed gifts (a fireproof safe).  Lots of laughter about the most random things.  Some alcohol and family time.  The most ideal kind of Christmas.

So on this day I'd like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.  I hope it is a safe one and that if you are by chance separated from those nearest and dearest to you this year, I pray that they come home safely to you soon.

Our countdown to R and R has started. =)  But the festivities of today are not over.. 

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  1. Merry Christmas! :) You asked me where I got my planner from in my organization post and I got it at wal-mart. Super cheap for like $5! :) They have light turquoise blue and dark blue! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I just LOVE yours! :)

  2. Hope you had a merry Christmas!!